Spiritual Life

The spiritual growth of St. Vincent de Paul students is the core of student life. The mission of St. Vincent de Paul School is to educate students in the Catholic tradition, with a focus on the Gospel values. The school is an integral part of the Church and Parish of St. Vincent de Paul, and the curriculum and philosophy are closely tied to the teachings of the Church.

The school’s formal religious instruction in all grades includes the basic teachings of the Church, scripture, sacraments, prayer, and liturgy. The school maintains an atmosphere of self-respect and acceptance, which is encouraged through involving students in various forms of prayer and liturgies. Sacramental life is presented as an experience that encourages positive daily actions in today’s world. The involvement of families in sacramental preparation reinforces the sacrament’s impact on the students.

Shared prayer with students, families, and faculty is a very important element in the school and church community. The school day begins with a prayer in the gym, which is shared by students, faculty, principals, and families. At various times during the day, students pray together: beginning of the day, end of the day, before lunch and snack, before tests, and in religion classes. Students attend Mass together at least once each month.

At St. Vincent de Paul School, Catholic values are woven through all subject matter. The school’s written curriculum is consistent with Roman Catholic Church teachings, and subject teachers effectively connect curricular material to the school’s mission of examining and living the Gospel values.

In assessing the school’s Catholic identity, the faculty and staff of St. Vincent de Paul School are pleased to note that Gospel values underpin all segments of school life. Building on an already strong foundation, the school community embraces a commitment to integrate spirituality in all lessons, to broaden student participation and engagement in prayer services, liturgies, and traditional religious commemorations, and to develop a vibrant community service program.