School Overview

Since 1924, St. Vincent de Paul School has provided members of the San Francisco Bay Area with a quality education that addresses the whole child: spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical. We are a parish school of approximately 210 students in grades kindergarten through eighth. Our main building houses the classrooms for grades K-4, our development office, our business office, and the principal's office. On our lowest level you will find our extended care room and our full functioning cafeteria.

In 1947, a second building was erected. This building houses our classrooms for grades 5-8. Our middle grades are completely departmentalized. The second part of this building houses our beautiful parish gym which serves as the home of the Saint Vincent de Paul Vikings.

We have a wonderful single-graded school. Our students are academically successful and move on to the high school of their choice. Our students are also very well-rounded, choosing from an excellent sports program, choir, Academic Chess, Community Service, Student Council, Yearbook Club, Journalism, Altar serving, and assisting in extended care.

The best way to describe Saint Vincent de Paul is the word family. The teachers, students, and parents all join together to make our school the best it can be and to provide our students with many experiences that other children simply do not have the opportunity to receive. The Saint Vincent de Paul School experience is a wonderful one that our students and families never forget.