The mission of the Parent Guild is to create opportunities for the entire Saint Vincent de Paul School community to come together and support the education of our children in a Catholic Christian environment. To assist in fulfilling this mission, the Parent Guild will provide opportunities for all parents/guardians of Saint Vincent de Paul students to:

  1. Improve communication throughout the Saint Vincent de Paul School and Parish Community.
  2. Provide a forum for parents/guardians to exchange ideas and to be actively involved in improving the school.
  3. Become involved in community outreach opportunities to help fulfill our Christian mission.
  4. Welcome new families and provide social connections with other parents/guardians.
  5. Support the development board in fundraising areas of the school.
  6. Sponsor various fundraising and community-building events during the year.


2019-2020 SVDP Parent Guild Members


President - Anel Muller

Vice-President - Catherine Coles

Secretary - Casey Larson

Treasurer - Michelle MacDonald

Events & Committees
  • Sunshine - Anna Van & Ashley Syme
  • Community Service - Peggy Straley
  • Lost & Found - Caroline Williams
  • Mother/Son Event - Alura Gambino
  • Father/Daughter Dance - Anna Van & Peggy Straley
  • Back to School Dinner Dance - Anel Muller & Kelly Alonso
  • Linens - Regina Aguilar
  • Lunch Support - Maria Luisa Fuller & Laurie Candido
  • Recess - Heidi Stone
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Parent Guild Meetings
Room Parents

8th Grade - Kendra McLaughlin, Stephanie Harden O'Brien, Susan Greenleaf & Kim Moore

7th Grade - Kendra Robins, Melissa Brilliant & Marie Murphy

6th Grade - Beth Wraga, Pam Farmer & Caroline Pacula

5th Grade - Anna Strain & Kendra McLaughlin

4th Grade - Meg Vieira Ducey, Karen Prodromo & Jolene Lindner

3rd Grade - Amy McCauley, Lindsey Krystofiak & Kristin Gazzano

2nd Grade - Carolina Binstadt, Leigh Hornik & Lauren Gunning

1st Grade - Ann Duarte, Leigh McMonigle & Denise Ford

Kindergarten - Josie Truchan, Chris Infante & Noelle Roost

Check back regularly for details on upcoming volunteer opportunities!